Tree of remembrance


Remembrance Scrapbook

The leaf on the Tree of Remembrance is the most basic information about your loved one. We offer you a page for your loved one in the Remembrance Scrapbook.

1. The page will be 8.5” x 11”, with an option of front only, or front and back.

2. You and other loved ones create the page for the Scrapbook.

3. The page may include photos, notes, drawings, memories, cards from a memorial service, etc. You  can be as traditional or creative as you choose.

4. The page will be inserted in a plastic sheet to protect and preserve the materials, and then inserted in the Scrapbook.

5. Pages will be arranged in alphabetical order, by last name, in a Remembrance Scrapbook.

Suggested Donation

$25.00 – and whatever amount above that you would like to donate. The proceeds will help to maintain the Meals on Wheels program for the Yarnell region: Congress, Yarnell, Peeples Valley, Skull Valley, Kirkland, Wilhoit. 

Payment details: Cash, check or credit card. Scrapbook pages can be left at the Thrift Store desk. 

The Tree of Remembrance Quilt will be installed by Arbor Day, April 26, 2019.


Download an Application

Tree of Remembrance Application (pdf)